Bürstner's interior climate & lighting concept

Our philosophy

We want you to have that #wohnfühlen feeling at any time of the day and in any weather. That is why we develop innovative climate and lighting concepts for you, and pay attention to all areas from the floor to the strategically positioned windows, as well as the integration of clever insulation solutions to ensure that you enjoy the same comfort and #wohnfühlen feeling you do at home, regardless of where your travels take you.

The right light in the right place

Light plays an important role in a Bürstner interior – above all, of course, natural light. That is why our motorhomes, campervans and caravans are flooded with plenty of daylight in response to the current trend of realising more expansive window areas that give travellers a feeling of being connected to the landscape even in compact vehicles. The habitation light sources also follow a smart lighting concept: night light, reading lights, functional lights and indirect mood lighting create the unrivalled #wohnfühlen ambience.

The award-winning Home Light

Practical and versatile: Our Home Light will also impress you with its innovative, multifunctional design. It already impressed the German Design Awards jury, which honoured it with an award in 2021.

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Generous dimensions ensure plenty of light in the interior of your Bürstner.

XL Sun-Roof

The XL format Sun-Roof (optional) lets even more light and fresh air into the habitation area.

Interior lighting

Night light, reading lights, functional lights and indirect mood lighting create the unrivalled #wohnfühlen ambience.

Perfectly insulated

Thanks to XPS insulation, you always feel comfortable inside the vehicle, regardless of the outside temperature.

GRP roof and floor

The glass reinforced plastic (GRP) roof offers protection against hail and the effects of inclement weather. The GRP underbody offers impact protection and prevents damages from below.

Light and welcoming

Expansive windows on both sides create plenty of #wohnfühlen atmosphere.

Insulated sandwich construction floor

Thanks to the insulated sandwich construction floor, walking through your vehicle always feels pleasant – even barefoot.

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