#wohnfühlen with Bürstner

We provide your travel dreams with a home

For over 60 years, it has been our mission to make lifelong dreams come true. Because they are as individual as you are, we create caravans and motorhomes that are just as unique as your particular requirements, with a home from home feel we call #wohnfühlen. What all of our customers have in common is that they expect our vehicles to inspire this "#wohnfühlen" feeling throughout – from their design to the functional features. That is why we realise the dream of hitting the road in a moving home that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of the usual home comforts.

Inside a Bürstner, everything is designed with the aim of creating a well-balanced interior. Our experts passionately work on achieving the perfect balance of generous spaciousness, practical and attractive furniture and functional features. The result is the incredible Bürstner feeling.

"In a Bürstner, you feel at home straight away. We take the fact that they are called 'motorhomes', or that caravans are often referred to as 'mobile homes', seriously. Bürstner designs unique living spaces with that all-important difference that we call '#wohnfühlen', the home-away-from-home feel, for people who love travelling."
Jens Kromer
General manager, Bürstner

Interior climate & lighting concept

Whether hot summer or freezing winter: Clever floor designs promise being able to walk barefoot in your vehicle in any weather. Strategically positioned windows and innovative lighting concepts create a comfortable interior climate and lighting mood for you to enjoy at any time of the day and in all seasons. You can therefore enjoy your Bürstner all year round.

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Design & ambience

Great design down to the smallest detail: We grew from a small joinery, and are therefore particularly passionate about functional as well as attractive furniture solutions in the interior. With clever folding and sliding elements, a contemporary design language and innovative ideas, we create functional solutions for you in even the most limited spaces.

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Sleeping comfort

Sleep anywhere like you do in your own bed at home: In your Bürstner, you can enjoy the relaxation you need after an activity-filled day and recharge your batteries ready for new adventures. Whether single beds, a double or a queen size bed – we offer a restful solution for all preferences. Sweet dreams!

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Ergonomics & functionality

All Bürstner interiors are cleverly and beautifully designed; however, we only call it perfectly designed if everything is also easy to operate. That is why we attach great importance to high-quality craftsmanship in combination with sensible, ergonomic realisation. For smart functional features you will enjoy relying on.

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Whether a breakdown, an accident or an incapacitated driver: Throughout the first year after the purchase of your new Bürstner motorhome, campervan or caravan, you enjoy the security of knowing that nothing can stop you from travelling. We promise to make the best out of any situation for you, because we don't want anything to spoil your #wohnfühlen feeling.

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My favourite place. Anywhere.

Whatever your destination: With a Bürstner, any place becomes your favourite place. Carefully matched to your personal needs and with space for everything you want to carry, a Bürstner is a loyal companion. Regardless of where you lifelong dream leads you: with a Bürstner, it will become true. That's what we call "total #wohnfühlen".