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#wohnfühlen is continuously evolving and is now becoming even smarter. Thanks to our innovative My Bürstner app, in no time at all you can transform your travel vehicle into a digitally connected wonder of comfort that is tailored to your needs. The application will be available as standard for the Averso Plus range from model year 2023 and in an extended version for our luxury liner Elegance. At the same time, additional sensors can be optionally added to the Comfort Package for the Averso Plus models. All of this is to provide you with the most pleasant holiday experience possible as well as maximum safety on all small and large tours. Join us in exploring the many features of this groundbreaking application.

Two travel vehicles with their own app variants

A separate version of the app is available for the Bürstner Elegance. This makes it possible, for example, to control the temperature and other living room components conveniently via smartphone and to activate them from anywhere.

In our Averso Plus series, the gas level, water tank and tyre pressure display (available in the Comfort Package) can be checked at any time and from any location. This way you never lose track and are prepared for eventualities.

Download the My Bürstner app here

Our intuitive application is now available to you free of charge for both Android and iOS. Just click to visit the Google Play or Apple Store.
“These days, an all-round #wohnfühlen experience includes not only the travel vehicle itself, but also smart monitoring and control of various comfort features as well as living space components. The My Bürstner app meets these high standards 100 per cent.”
Sylvain Heideier
Wohnfühlen Planner
My Bürstner app

Exclusive version for Elegance luxury motorhome

Whether light, climate or satellite antenna: In the Elegance, almost everything can be operated with just one click. To do so, define individual comfort scenarios and save them in your favourites list. This allows you to use your smartphone to remotely set the vehicle to the desired temperature, heat the water for the shower or create a relaxing lighting atmosphere. Design your optimal #wohnfühlen setting according to your needs and the season. 

Intuitive and simple app menu

Do you need a relaxing breather after an eventful hiking trip? No problem! Because with the My Bürstner app, not only can you dim the brightness of the vehicle lighting at the touch of a button, but you can also switch on the heating in the blink of an eye. This way you create exactly the #wohnfühlen-atmosphere you need to take a deep breath. In the Elegance, choose between light scenes such as “Dinner Lights” and the night mode or create new scenes yourself. And what about when it gets really hot in the summer? You can conveniently control the air conditioner with just a few clicks while you’re still out and about. How cool!

Advantages of the My Bürstner app for the Elegance.

  • Secure and stable connection guaranteed: Pair your smartphone or tablet with the vehicle conveniently and from anywhere via Bluetooth or mobile network. 

  • Innovative iNDUS toilet system included: In our My Bürstner app you can check all tank levels – including fresh water, grey water and black water.

  • Monitor your resource needs at an early stage: Thanks to the numerous built-in sensors, you can always keep an eye on water tank levels as well as power and battery status.

  • Easily manage access rights: Specify individual access rights for functions for all app users. This way you always know who can control which living space components.

  • Save your own comfort scenarios: Whether temperature, brightness or the alignment of the satellite antenna: Design your Elegance exactly to your liking and define your #wohnfühlen setting.

Scenarios in the Elegance

How your #wohnfühlen day could look

Where does a successful journey with a motorhome actually begin? In our opinion, it’s as soon as you arrive at your destination. That's why we have integrated various smart setting options into our My Bürstner app to make your life easier at any time of the day. Looking for inspiration? 

Upon arrival

Outside the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, yet it is still quite chilly. Luckily the heating switches on automatically once your parking space is reached. The light, refrigerator, water pump and satellite system do the same with a click.

To start the day

The first coffee or tea in the morning tastes especially good when the interior is a pleasant 22 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the hot water heating heats up on time and the lights in the living area regulate themselves to the preset brightness.

Late at night

Some like it cool while sleeping, others like it cosy and warm. No matter how you like it – the desired room temperature is set at the click of a smartphone. In addition, the hot water heating is adjustable and the refrigerator has a night mode.
  • With the Elegance, you will experience a completely new sense of freedom and comfort. Experience the many enchanting comfort features now.

    Luxury motorhome for special moments

    My Bürstner app

    Standard for Averso Plus caravans

    Check electricity and water levels at any time, and, of course, conveniently while you’re out and about. With the My Bürstner app, you can do so conveniently for the entire Averso Plus range. In addition, monitor tyre pressure, correct caravan alignment and momentary drawbar loads.

    Monitor #wohnfühlen data

    With your fully networked Averso Plus, every journey becomes an exclusive #wohnfühlen trip, tailored to your personal taste. Water tank? Check! Keeping an eye on the voltage display from anywhere? No problem. Achieve maximum transparency now.

    Advantages of the My Bürstner app with the Averso Plus

    • Secure and stable connection: Pair your smartphone and caravan conveniently via Bluetooth.

    • Monitor the condition of the caravan: Keep an eye on important parameters such as tyre pressure, alignment or drawbar load.

    • Standard equipment: With our Averso Plus, you can enjoy a live voltage display and digital spirit level.

    • Optional in the Bürstner Comfort Package: Expand the features of your smart monitoring solution by adding further sensors – e.g. for the drawbar load display.

    • Synchronised data exchange: The system delivers your sensor data directly to the My Bürstner app and continuously provides you with current values.

    • More transparency in resources: How much clean water is left in the tank? What is the battery voltage? All this data is always within reach on your smartphone.

    • Experience true space-saving magic on all your adventures, big and small In the Averso Plus caravans, this is guaranteed.

      Caravan with maximum space economy

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