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Record: Lyseo Gallery TD receives its 8th award

The Lyseo Gallery TD is Camper's favourite. Already on the first weekend of the CMT 2023 in Stuttgart, the Lyseo Gallery TD won 2 important awards. After it was awarded 2nd place in promobil's readers' poll as "Motorhome of the Year" in the category "Alcove motorhomes over €70,000" on Saturday, it continued with a first winner's podium on Sunday. For it was awarded the "European Innovation Award" in the category "Overall Concept Motorhome" by an international jury consisting of trade journalists. This makes the Lyseo Gallery TD the most awarded motorhome at Bürstner with a total of 8 awards. We are thrilled about this!
"We are very proud that our "travel small - live large" concept with the Lyseo Gallery TD has been so well received by customers and the trade press," says Thorsten Erhardt, Marketing Director at Bürstner. "I have the impression that the market is waiting for Wohnfühl innovations with real added value, such as the Lyseo Gallery TD's expandable, intelligent use of space in a rather compact vehicle. And we have fully met this expectation with the inflatable alcove living concept."
Production of the new Lyseo Gallery TD range will start in spring 2023.

More about the European Innovation Award can be found at:

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