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Kehl, 8th of June 2021

With the Lyseo Gallery, Bürstner presents the first motorhome with an elevating over-cab area

Travel small, live large: the Bürstner Lyseo Gallery is equipped with a “Gallery Roof” - an over-cab area that is elevated with the aid of air-filled chambers. Streamlined travel, with a proper second living level thanks to a patented innovation.

Kehl. With the Lyseo Gallery, Bürstner GmbH & Co KG presents an absolute innovation. This unique motorhome, initially manufactured as a press launch vehicle prototype that could also be serial produced, features an elevating over-cab area that lifts up vertically when parked with the aid of a compressor. This creates a second floor living space and unique living comfort.

Under the motto "Travel small, live large.", the Lyseo Gallery is the first model to unite the advantages of a coachbuilt with those of an over-cab bed model: The second level is lowered completely whilst travelling, giving the vehicle the silhouette of a low profile coachbuilt, which makes it considerably more streamlined than ordinary overcab bed models; it therefore also consumes less fuel. Once parked up, the Gallery Roof can then be elevated in 90 seconds with the aid of compressed air and a specially developed air chamber system to create a maximum vehicle body height of approx. 3.7 metres. The over-cab area is not angled like a standard pop-top roof but offers a proper second floor as it is elevated vertically. Besides an XXL comfort size sleeping berth with 110cm headroom, the alcove is also equipped with a mobile phone charging station, a table and a seat, and is accessible via a fixed set of stairs.

An on-board compressor pumps up the alcove's numerous air-filled chambers with only 0.2 bar almost noiselessly within 90 seconds. A pressure sensor continuously monitors the air pressure in the chambers and adds more air if needed to ensure that the Gallery Roof remains elevated. The air-filled chambers were specially designed by Bürstner and are reinforced. They are constructed and arranged in a way that prevents the alcove from collapsing due to a sudden drop in pressure. The elevating over-cab area is also perfectly insulated thanks to the layer of air trapped in the airfilled chambers. Extensive laboratory tests have also confirmed the excellent UV resistance and waterproofness of the material the alcove is made of. Bürstner has already patented this innovative and unique technology.

The interior is a further development of the "wohnfühl" home-from-home standard that has characterised the Bürstner brand for over 30 years – although it does offer a few highlights. The interior design of the Lyseo Gallery press launch vehicle was inspired by the decor of a gentlemen's club: chartreuse-coloured Burlington-type quilted buffalo leather and dark grey, combined with light finishes and an elegant shag pile carpet. The kitchen impresses with unique electrically controlled functional elements such as a pop-up coffee machine, a retractable state-of-the art extractor fan, a bar element, electrically controlled drawers and an RFID chip that makes it possible to centrally lock all movable kitchen elements ready for take-off. With maximum living comfort in mind, the concept is perfected by further high-quality home accessories and practical storage solutions: A solid surface worktop, a highquality and flexible tap, an induction/gas hob, a glass compartment for secure glass storage in the kitchen whilst the vehicle is on the move, as well as a backlit picture mirror, fixed stairs with integrated storage space, a shoe cabinet and also an inductive mobile phone charging station in the entrance area. Despite a relatively compact body length of less than seven metres, the Lyseo Gallery features a very generously sized washroom. The entire vehicle is equipped with indirect as well as Bürstner's innovative "Homelight" lighting.

"Bürstner developed the Lyseo Gallery entirely in-house in only eighteen months – from the first idea to the completion of the press launch vehicle, which is approved for road use. We were able to reach such good results so fast because the whole development process was characterised by uncomplicated internal cooperation and fast decisions. The 3D-supported development and the visualisation of the vehicle with the aid of a virtual reality system made it easy for the management to promptly make the right decisions," says Bürstner managing director and official management board representative Jens Kromer. "The virtual reality technology as well as the close and efficient cooperation with our in-house interior designers resulted in a development period that was around four months shorter than the 'classic' development time." The Lyseo Gallery impressively underlines Bürstner's innovation capabilities.

The dimensions and layout of the press launch vehicle are the same as those of the already existing Lyseo TD 680: it is 6.89 metres long, 2.3 metres wide, 2.96 metres high and seats four. Bürstner intends to also offer serial produced vehicles with the elevating alcove and this kind of "wohnfühl-layout".


Stephanie Hillemanns-Wollbrett

Thorsten Erhardt
Marketing Director


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