Travel small, live large

Innovations model year 2023

Lyseo Gallery TD

Award-winning Bürstner Lyseo Gallery goes into serial production

"Travel small, live large." That's the motto of Bürstner's Lyseo Gallery TD. It is now scheduled to go into serial production in the spring of 2023, and many of the prototype elements have been adopted – above all, of course, the inflatable over-cab alcove, but also many of the interior elements.


The inflatable over-cab alcove

a second living level

The Lyseo Gallery TD is based on Bürstner's semi-integrated Lyseo TD with a functional Thermo-Floor sandwich floor throughout. With the additional inflatable over-cab alcove, the Lyseo Gallery TD unites the advantages of a coach-built vehicle with those of an over-cab bed model: Its second level is lowered completely and securely locked with an electric locking system whilst travelling, giving the vehicle the streamlined silhouette of a low profile coach-built. Once parked up, the alcove can then be elevated in 90 seconds with the aid of compressed air and a specially developed air chamber system.

"We tested it in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C, in misty conditions, with a 1.5 m snow load, in the wind tunnel with the vehicle exposed to winds of up to 120 km/h head-on as well as sideways. We put the Lyseo Gallery TD through its paces."
Tim Niedick
Head of development

In the environmental chamber, the Lyseo Gallery TD was tested in a number of climatic conditions. The inflatable alcove's resistance to heat, cold, wind and other weather-related challenges was tested in ten cycles, each consisting of a 24-hour test run. Bürstner's head of development Tim Niedick was extremely satisfied: "The alcove withstood all weather conditions. We tested it in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C, in misty conditions, with a 1.5 m snow load, in the wind tunnel with the vehicle exposed to winds of up to 120 km/h head-on as well as sideways. The elevating and lowering mechanism as well as the locking system worked without a hitch in all conditions. The bellows and the folding mechanism remained intact. I am extremely satisfied, because all criteria were met, and we have achieved what we set out to do. With the Lyseo Gallery TD, you can travel in comfort all year round – in stormy and inclement weather, in sunshine and through snow.

The vehicle then reaches a maximum body height of approx. 3.7 metres. The over-cab area is not angled like a standard pop-top roof but offers a usable second living floor as it is elevated vertically. A sunroof skylight is also available as an optional extra.

Elevating the roof creates a second floor with a comfortable sleeping area with 110 cm of headroom in the alcove, which is easily accessible via a set of fixed stairs. The interior is defined by two furniture finishes - Sandy Grey and Casa Pino. Ergonomic design was also taken into account in the Lyseo Gallery TD. Accordingly, the washroom, bed and living area accesses are generously sized, and all shelves and storage compartments are arranged in a user-friendly way.

Two completely new layouts

The model range Lyseo Gallery TD will initially consist of two layout versions:
The TD 649 G is 699 cm long and is equipped with a curved rear lounge that converts into two additional berths. It has four seats with seat belts, an optional drop-down bed above the curved lounge, and the compressor refrigerator has a capacity of 175 l.

The TD 689 G is also 699cm long. This layout has an L-shaped lounge in the front area, and again a third and fourth seat, both with seat belts. It has a separate washroom in the rear with a separate shower, and a large wardrobe. The kitchen is equipped with a larder unit and a 138 l compressor refrigerator; a Triplex cooker is also available to order as an optional extra. A shoe locker, modern wall lighting and a docking station for the Bürstner Homelight® are all located in the entrance area.

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Harmony Line extra pack

The Lyseo Gallery TD is available to order in the standard version, or with an additional Harmony Line pack of extras.

Both Lyseo Gallery TD layouts will be presented to the public for the first time at the Caravan Salon 2022 at Bürstner's new stand location in Hall 6.