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“In a Bürstner, you feel at home right from the very start. Which is why we call our vehicles motorhomes rather than recreational vehicles. And campers instead of caravans. Bürstner creates unique living spaces for people who love to be on the move. The difference lies in the “comfort and well-being” typical for Bürstner.”

Jens Kromer CEO of Bürstner

Providing a home for life-long dreams.

A motorhome or camper is not just a different way to enjoy a holiday, but a lifetime companion. The fulfilment of a dream. We know what our customers expect. Furniture must not only look good but also be fit for everyday use. Surfaces must not only impress on the first day, but also after many years and intensive use.


365-day holiday season

Whether it’s the height of summer or a frosty winter, with a Bürstner, you can make the best of every season. Thanks to the intelligent thermo double floor design, your vehicle always feels comfortable – even when you’re barefoot. And that’s not all: The carefully designed thermo floor construction provides a streamlined, even floor from the driver’s cab to the bedroom door. So you’ll feel right at home. 

This means you’ll have a relaxing atmosphere.

A typical Bürstner idea is the 3-room-apartment design. Kitchen/dining room, bedroom and a separate spacious living room for relaxing. And all of this packed into the compact, basic shape of a semi-integrated motorhome. What initially seemed to be unfeasible has turned into the highlight of the new Lyseo range. Ideas of comfort and well-being such as these become reality when developers interact with designers, engineers engage with craftsmen, and manufacturers talk to their customers. So typical for Bürstner.

To reinvent floor plans
there must be
room for ideas.


Sleep better

Bürstner has all you need to help you relax after a busy day and recharge your batteries ready for new adventures. There are beds to cater for every taste – single, double or queen-size beds. Then there are some clever features which make it really comfortable to lie in all positions. Sleep well – and sweet dreams!

Pop-top roof with bed (optional).
Rear bed
This comfortable and luxurious bed is built in across the rear and measures almost 200 x 150 cm.
Queen-size bed
The queen-size bed can be easily accessed from either side and there is a little table on each side.
Fold-down bed
The Fold-down bed is simply raised up when not in use – and lowered down in the evening to provide an ample double berth.
Single XL beds
Almost every single bed layout allows for a minimum bed length of 200 cm.
Design & Environment

Aspirations to be in a class of our own.

Admittedly, a long time has passed since our foundation years in the 1920s. The small joinery has long since become a state-of-the-art industrial undertaking. What has not changed is the will to be unique. Be this as a result of technical further developments, modern designs or new model variants – a Bürstner is a class apart.

What you end up with is the overall impression that makes a Bürstner what it is. Universal colour concepts. Resilient surfaces. Reusable materials. Even if they disagree on taste, customers and non-customers can agree on one thing: Bürstner’s interior designs are unique.

Timeless design.
Well-conceived ergonomics.
Extraordinary feel.

Bürstner’s ambitions are easy to see. And they’re tangible too. We only use high-quality and long-lasting materials. Surfaces need to feel and look amazing, while at the same time being able to withstand whatever life throws at them. We invest a lot of time and energy into integrating new materials and vehicles, or by developing new combinations. All so that our customers will feel even more at home in their Bürstner. 

for that homey feel

It’s not just the appearance that’s crucial, but also ergonomics and functionality. We therefore place great value on a high-quality design in connection with useful, ergonomic execution.

Ergonomics in the motorhome

Further ergonomic solutions in the motorhome


Room for the big things
and little things you need
on your holiday

 Feeling at home also includes
not being without anything.
A Bürstner is therefore intelligently designed
down to the millimetre to maximise the space.



Double floor
with double function

With a Bürstner, you can make the best of every season. Thanks to the intelligent thermo double floor, you’ll be a comfortable temperature in both winter and summer. The heatable double floor offers a lot of storage space for bulky luggage and protects your valuables from the cold when the temperature falls below freezing. 

Individual storage space solutions

The ingredients for a good trip

You can also expect the best from Bürstner in terms of driveline and chassis technology, because our business partners have the same standards of perfection as we do. All Bürstner models are built on chassis with outstanding track records in terms of reliability, functionality and safety.



When you buy a new Bürstner motorhome, you can rest assured knowing that you will be covered in the first year of motoring in the event of an accident or breakdown or if a driver is taken ill – and that’s a guarantee.

Find out more about Bürstner Assistance.

Improved safety