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The new Ixeo Limited motorhome:


When it comes to the dream of being on the move in a mobile home that lacks nothing in terms of living comfort, the Bürstner brand simply has no equal. Only 60 vehicles with the limited edition "Ixeo I 746" floorplan are available — these unique vehicles incorporate many ground-breaking ideas, some of which were adopted from the "Harmony 1 and 2" housing studies and then developed further. This vehicle also showcases brand new solutions, which have only recently become feasible as the result of technical progress.


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A fascination with motorhomes

A camper van or motorhome is not merely a different way of taking a holiday.
The limited edition Ixeo I 746, lets you demonstrate your eye for the extraordinary. 


From the drawing board to series production

"With the Ixeo Limited, we deliberately chose to document the vehicle’s links to the first two ‘Harmony' housing studies via the exterior design. Therefore, enhanced colours, shapes and design lines can be found on the vehicle — complemented by Bürstner-specific elements such as the third brake light in our logo's design and the new hybrid rear lights."


Markus Pangerl
Head of Product Management

The feeling
of owning something
truly unique.


Enjoy the freedom to travel to where the scenery is the most beautiful. Let yourself be fascinated by the world around you — while you and your Ixeo remain the centre of attention. #everywhereathome


Ixeo I 746

The idea behind this floorplan was to create distinct areas in which it is simply a pleasure to spend time. For example, when sitting and enjoying company in the front area, or when using the integrated fold-down bed for a quick, luxurious nap. The central area contains the spacious bathroom while the rear area can serve either as a lounge or, with the fold-down bed lowered, a bedroom. Diverse possibilities in an extraordinary ambience.


Life-long dreams made real


Your eye is drawn to the colours, shapes and design lines as if by magic. The individual elements combine to form a harmonious whole.


60 years of #wohnfühlen


The world is full to bursting with disposable things. And of course, disposable products are also easier to manufacture. However, this is not the Bürstner way. Throughout its 60-year company history, Bürstner has repeatedly managed to shape the market with new ideas and solutions. All this experience has been packed into the Ixeo Limited to further enhance each unforgettable moment in an exceptionally stylish setting.


A wealth of details

Thanks to many sophisticated functions and elements, the interior becomes a perfect whole.

Storage system in the kitchen for coffee capsules and spices.

High-quality stitching on many upholstery elements with two-tone yarn.

The scratch-resistant surface is also found in the kitchen.

Belt-guided pull-down bed: one minute you’re standing in the rear lounge, the next it’s your bedroom.

Battery with magnetic holder — specially developed by and for Bürstner.

Quilted fold-down bed cover with “Limited” logo and LED lighting.

Modern entry element with numerous shelves.

Abundant natural light thanks to large glass panels and window surfaces.



Timeless design. Resilient surfaces. Extraordinary feel. In the end, however it is the overall feeling that makes a Bürstner so special. Universal colour concepts. Reusable materials. Well-conceived ergonomics. Even if they disagree on taste, customers and non-customers can agree on one thing: Bürstner’s interior designs are unique.



In order to optimally process a material, you need to really understand it. The best way to achieve this is to work with it yourself. For example, at Bürstner's in-house sewing workshop with leather cutting and quilting machines. 


Look and get your own impression

Further information

Further information

Are you interested in an Ixeo Limited? Then simply talk to one of our
participating Bürstner retail partners.
They will provide additional information about your desired model.
Alternatively, you can order the Ixeo Limited brochure by post.