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Abundant room for luxury

The Elegance is the flagship model in the Bürstner fleet. Its striking design, distinctive good looks and clean lines extend all the way from its expressive face to its masculine rear. A five-star luxury holiday awaits you in this motorhome with its lavish standard features and many additional functional details. 


Just climbing in through the extra-wide cabin door is a pleasure and will prepare you for the ultimate wow factor on the inside.

Exterior advantages

  • Low frame chassis for a smoother ride
  • GRP roof for enhanced protection from hail and severe weather
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Single handed garage locking system
  • Aluminium frame windows
  • Extra-wide cabin door with dual lock
  • Coupé entrance with electric step


Interior advantages

  • Extra-high windscreen for panoramic view
  • Two furniture finishes 
  • Insulated and heated double floor
  • Headroom of 205 cm
  • Direct and indirect lighting
  • Multi-zone cold foam mattresses
  • Driver and passenger airbags 
  • Adjustable reading lamp in seating area
Home environments
An example of the Elegance (Ferra Arc)

Your lifestyle choices

Easy access to your individual wohnfuhlen atmosphere. Depending on the vehicle, you can select among several high-quality materials for seating and back upholstery to create an interior that brings you joy. 

Faro Star

Porto Star

Malaga Star

Barcelona Star

Ferra Arc



Elegance I 910 G

from £ 117,130

5,000 kg
4 Beds
891 cm x 235 cm
4 Seats

Elegance I 920 G

from £ 117,130

5,000 kg
4 Beds
891 cm x 235 cm
4 Seats