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Bürstner’s history -
50 years of motorhomes and mobile homes

Enter the world of Bürstner. To mark our 50th anniversary, we have created a timeline of all of our company’s milestones and the people who helped make it a success.

Experience the history of Bürstner up close!


Making you happy is what drives us

Bürstner is a leading manufacturer of mobile homes and motorhomes. And not for nothing: The company’s 55-year history has been shaped by our passion for inimitable design, the desire for practical innovation and the commitment to provide a unique service. Or, more precisely, to meet a clear goal: Anyone who travels with a Bürstner should feel at home wherever they are.


Opening of the workshop

When he was barely 30 years of age, the master joiner Jakob Bürstner opened his own construction and furniture workshop in what is now the Neumühl district of Kehl. The busy young entrepreneur quickly gained a growing customer base and number of orders thanks to his excellent craftsmanship.


New area of business

Jakob Bürstner shifted the focus of the business from building carpentry to interior fittings and furnishings. He soon received large orders from Deutsche Bahn, fitting out train stations with craftsmen he had trained personally, and furnishing the newly built homes for railway staff at the same time.


The birth of a legend

Gerhart Bürstner, the son of the company’s founder, was convinced that there was a bright future ahead for mobile home holidays. In cooperation with a regional company offering chassis solutions, he developed a solid structure for providing excellent furnishings.


Feeling at home away from home

One milestone was the development of a new mobile home, which was given the unconventional name ‘Delfin’ (dolphin). Since its launch, it became a driver of innovation and a leisure caravan, fitted with genuine wood furniture made from rosewood and a luxurious interior by the sixties’ standards.


A clear decision

The order volume was enormous, and the company found itself at a crossroads: Whether to continue as a traditional carpentry workshop, or focus on and develop its caravan production. The furniture workshop and the commitment to impressive design remain an essential part of corporate policy to this day.


The most popular mobile home of the 1970s

Customers are increasingly looking for lower cost leisure vehicles, which drove forward the development of lighter and cheaper vehicles without compromises being made in terms of quality. The “Flipper” model went on sale in the 1975 season, and was an unprecedented success.


The start of the construction of mobile homes

Going beyond the caravan and the idea of spending the night wherever the wind takes you is possible with a mobile home. The alcove model was developed on the basis of the Fiat Ducato. Construction moved from caravan production and was adapted to the requirements of motorhomes.


Invention of the partially integrated model

Bürstner’s most significant innovation in the area of mobile recreation vehicles was the T models. They marked the start of the rapid and innovative development of vehicles.


The “Flirt” caravan sees its début

An eye-catcher with an exceptional, square-shaped external design. The model’s interior has been shifted by eight degrees, and its own committed interior designer has given this Bürstner model a completely new feeling of space. The starting pistol for the entire industry.


Introduction of the “Delfin” success

Bürstner was the first German manufacturer to bring out a motorhome based on the new Renault Master, under the name Delfin. It reflects all of Bürstner’s positive brand values and impressed customers with its comfortable driver’s cab that would be right at home in a large limousine.


The pioneering Ixeo class

This is how the Ixeo success story began: By developing the concept of the mega van (a flat, partially integrated construction with a fold-down bed above the seating area) further, the series set new standards by taking a completely new approach.


The Plus caravans

Following Bürstner's established success in the Motorhome market, the Company launches a novel new caravan design, with the integration of a fold-down bed - opening up entirely new possibilities in terms of interior design.


The Ixeo TL sets new trends

Once more, Bürstner demonstrates pure innovation by developing the first low profile motorhome with longitudinal fold-down bed. With the added benefit of a low-level entrance and better functionality with flexible layout, this new floor plan gives Customers real added value.


New Horizons

With the redevelopment of the Lyseo T series, we formed the basis for a model for success: More room, more comfort and more freedom, with trailblazing motorhomes that open up new possibilities for our customers.


#wohnfühlen is the future – The Harmony Lounges

'Harmony' lounges are unveiled at Shows and Trade Fairs, enticing Customers with the motor-'home' of tomorrow. Fascinating design, unexpected highlights and functional details fit together superbly, creating an entire three-room apartment with living, dining and bedroom. Some elements of this 'Harmony 1' study, presented in 2016, have since been implemented in ensuing 'Harmony Line' range. This is #wohnfühlen by Bürstner.