Because of exchange rate variances, new motorhomes requiring factory order could be at an increased price. Please consult your dealer.

On closer inspection

Ergonomics and functionality are just as important as looks. That is why every Bürstner strives to bring these
two aspects into perfect harmony. For us the perfect package includes the following:

  • Easy access
  • User-friendly operation
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Sophisticated design
  • Safe road handling


All in one place: The new service unit isn’t just easy to reach but is also convincing since all relevant supply elements are bundled together. 

This means that you’ll no longer have to ask yourself where things go. Instead, everything is exactly where it belongs.

Comfortable entry thanks to a wider door


Coupe entry

Easily get in and out: The low entry makes it nice and easy to get in and out of the vehicle.

More ergonomic solutions

Standard equipment (Extracts)

  • New headroom clearance: up to 205 cm
    New headroom clearance: up to 205 cm

    Thinking big: The new headroom clearance offers more comfort for tall people as well as a perfect sense of space for all passengers (Elegance).

  • Vario Bathroom
    Vario Bathroom

    A turning point: For more room to shower, simply swivel the wash basin to the side.

  • Flexo Bathroom
    Flexo Bathroom

    All in one: Swivel the wash basin and back wall to the side to reveal a shower that impresses with its spacious size.

  • Space Bathroom
    Space Bathroom

    Nicely separated: Shower on the left, wash basin and toilet on the right: There’s room for everything. The bedroom/bathroom can be optimally separated from the rest of the living area.

  • A step up to the bed in the rear
    A step up to the bed in the rear

    Thanks to the pull-out step, which also acts as a storage compartment, getting into bed is easy.

  • Convenient, safe and comfortable
    Convenient, safe and comfortable

    The lengthwise fold-down bed lowers almost all the way down to seat height.

  • Rounded overhead cabinets
    Rounded overhead cabinets

    Comfortably positioned: The cabinets above the kitchenette are rounded without losing any of their depth. This gives you more headroom (shown here: Nexxo).

  • LED-Night-System

    Thanks to the LED Night System with pleasantly reduced lighting, you can easily find your way around, even in the dark.