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A climate of perfection

When Bürstner developed its Clima Concept, the company thought of everything needed to optimise conditions at all times. Many useful improvements play their part in ensuring  that you always feel relaxed in the vehicle – no matter what the temperature is outside.

  • XPS insulation in many models
  • Ventilated cupboards
  • Optimum positioning of heating unit
  • Opening windows all-round


The glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) roof provides protection from hail and severe weather. The GRP subfl oor has the impact strength to brave the elements which attack from below.

Air plus: Best air circulation and heating system (warm air heating)

Hot water heating design principle

The hot water heating system brings creature comforts with its even distribution of heat, low energy  consumption and silent operation.

Convector heaters on the exterior walls heat the air as well as the walls and
furniture, creating an air seal which acts as a barrier between the cold air and the windows. Storage cabinets
with ventilation at the rear also help to push the air up to the ceiling until it is heated again by the convectors.

ALDE Warmwasserheizung

Light and ventilation

Light and airy: The interior design of every Bürstner strives to live up to this claim. Thanks to many major and minor improvements, Bürstner helps

to ensure that your holiday will be fondly remembered for a long time to come.

Standard equipment (Extracts)

  • Bright and friendly
    Bright and friendly

    Experience enlightening moments at any time with the skyroof.

  • Gigantic

    The XL skyroof lets even more light in.

  • For maximum light
    For maximum light

    The Midi-Heki and the skyroof XL with integrated LED lighting.