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As ever, Bürstner is moving with the times and has given the popular Averso series a complete makeover. The new generation has a lot of flair and many extras for very special holidays.

Redesigned Averso for the 2020 model season – a new standard for motorhomes

Kehl.– The Averso has been completely redesigned with an amazing new look. When developing the newly designed series, the core values of the Bürstner brand – harmonious interior design, intelligent use of space and ergonomics – remained at the forefront. The new Averso is available for the 2020 model season in both the standard version and the Harmony Line.

New Averso's eye-catching external appearance

The new rear view is definitely the most striking exterior change. The Averso has been visually integrated even more strongly into the Bürstner family by means of the new Bürstner hybrid rear lights. The exterior comes in a coarse-hammered finish in the standard version, while the Harmony Line has a smooth metallic finish as standard.

Large choice of interior design ensures #well-being

Eleven Averso layouts provide versatile and intelligent solutions for all kinds of living conditions. Following on from the redesign of the motorhomes for the 2020 season, the Averso is also being given the innovative and attractive entrance element with lots of storage options. The Averso's lighting design has also been adapted. An indirect lighting concept in the seating area ensures optimal lighting conditions for cosy get-togethers. With the optional lighting design, the lighting is enhanced by light sources beneath the wall units, on the shelf uprights of the wall units and on the kitchen countertops. The new, practical “Home Light” battery-operated lights round off the optional lighting package. An optional window in the sleeping area is immediately available (depending on layout). Clear, elegant design combined with a wide range of functionality is the main focus for the new Averso. For example, this also includes the adaptable round seating area (in layouts with a round seating area), which can easily be converted to a dinette configuration as a practical way of enlarging the dining area.

That special something: The Harmony Line equipment line

The Averso Harmony Line differs from the standard version through its interior decor and series-standard packages. These include the recess decor on hatches and kitchen doors in beige, a stone appearance in the kitchen and the tough Fenix surfaces on the table and shelves. High quality UNI furniture with wood and stone-appearance accents, combined with the harmonious atmosphere created by the indirect lighting (light package comes as standard with the Harmony Line) make the Averso Harmony Line the perfect choice for people who like to stand out from the crowd. In the dinette and sitting area, the Vario blinds which come as standard (only available in the Harmony Line) give you many privacy options, from closed to semitransparent to transparent. The totally newly designed entrance element provides space for a 32-inch TV in the Harmony Line and has an integrated, practical folding mechanism.

The Averso can be enhanced with many optional packages. As well as the lighting package, the shower package and the self-sufficiency package, the winter packages also offer exciting enhancements. Prices and technical data can be found in the attached materials.