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Bürstner presents its new features and models for the coming model year: two innovative technologies and the extension of its van model portfolio. The industry traditionally presents its new features and models for the 2021/22 season in the spring - and Kehl-based recreational vehicle manufacturer Bürstner is no exception. The innovations include solutions for more living space without a vehicle length increase, more eco-friendly engines, a wider layout offer and a complete facelift.

Lyseo Gallery

More living space without a vehicle length increase! The Bürstner Lyseo Gallery is the most important innovation and represents a habitation solution entirely developed by Bürstner: the “Gallery Roof”. The Kehl-based interior specialists have basically made it possible to turn a coachbuilt motorhome into an over-cab bed model at the push of a button. The technical solution behind this is a roof construction that permits the roof to be elevated in the front area with the aid of a compressed air system. Bürstner has therefore called this, already patented, in-house developed mechanism its "Gallery Roof". At the push of a button, air streams into the fabric's chambers with minimal pressure and creates a second living level that can be used to sleep in, for relaxation or as a workspace in only 90 seconds. Special highlight: the "upper floor" is reached safely and comfortably via fixed stairs.

Eliseo CNG

The second innovation with a technology development is the Eliseo CNG, a hybrid CNG (compressed natural gas) powered vehicle with a range of approx. 400 kilometres with an engine that also runs on petrol, if need be. It has a 15-litre petrol tank on board that can be used as a backup if the gas tank is empty. The Eliseo CNG is based on a Fiat Ducato "Natural Power" and represents an eco-friendly alternative to the usual diesel engines: almost no particulate emissions, low nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions, and carbon emissions that are comparable to those of modern petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles. Running the vehicle on biogas even reduces the carbon emissions to zero.


Last but not least, Bürstner is also extending its successful Eliseo model range to five layouts that are particularly impressive thanks to the additional storage space they offer and the new Vario washroom. The new Eliseo C 644 features a curved rear lounge, an electric drop-down bed at the rear and a free-standing table that can also be used outside. The new layouts C 602 and C 642, which replace the current models C 600 and C 641, are also equipped with the new multifunctional Vario washroom. Dimensions: vehicle length 5.99 metres or 6.36 metres.

"We already invested a lot of effort into extending our campervan family in December 2020. Our compact vehicles continue to be in high demand," says Bürstner's managing director Jens Kromer. "This year, I am particularly proud of our technological innovations, and above all of our Lyseo Gallery, which was developed by our technology department and our interior designers in only eighteen months."