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Space to enjoy

The Lyseo Time I combines form, design and function in its own way. Even your first glance through the front windshield looks different and fascinating and you will experience the passing landscape as a new panorama every day.


The Lyseo Time I puts you in the royal class of integrated mobile homes and fulfils all your dreams of being on the road. 

Exterior advantages

  • Low-frame chassis with wider tracking on rear axle
  • GRP roof for better hail and bad weather protection
  • LED daytime running lights
  • XL access door
  • Comfortable coupé entrance
  • Aluminium windows


Interior advantages

  • Cassette shade cab blinds
  • LED lightning
  • Headroom 212 cm
  • Fold-down bed over the driver cab
  • 5-Zone memory foam mattresses
    on all fixed beds
  • Illuminated wardrobe
  • Refrigerator 142 l
  • Rear ventilated storage cupboards
Home environments
An example of the Lyseo Time I (Stone/Alva)

Sublime living environments in Lyseo Time I

“Wohnfühlen“ in just two easy steps. Create your own perfection! Select the upholstery finish that suits you best. There‘s a selection of several high-quality materials for seat and back upholstery. The back upholstery adds colour and can be selected depending on the category.

Alva / Stone

Nero / Stone

Etna / Stone

Alva / Pastis

Nero / Pastis

Etna / Pastis

Alva / Sand

Nero / Sand

Etna / Sand

Alva / Bianca

Nero / Bianca

Etna / Bianca



Lyseo Time I 690 G

3,500 kg
4 Beds
699 cm x 232 cm
4 Seats

Lyseo Time I 720

3,500 kg
4 Beds
743 cm x 232 cm
4 Seats

Lyseo Time I 728 G

3,500 kg
4 Beds
743 cm x 232 cm
4 Seats

Lyseo Time I 734 G

3,500 kg
4 Beds
743 cm x 232 cm
4 Seats