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Crosswise to lengthwise

The Ixeo TL was the first semi-integrated motorhome to feature a fold-down bed and set new standards in its field. The evolution of the fold-down bed from the widthwise version to the lengthwise option brings entirely new possibilties. It still cuts a striking profile in Cappuccino, proudly retaining its best known
design feature and distinguishing characteristic.


All 3 layouts include the wood-free body with XPS insulation, the GRP roof and the wide XL cabin door, to name just some of the unifying features. The Ixeo TL – the original from the inventor.

Exterior advantages

  • Low-frame chassis with wide-track rear axle
  • GRP roof for enhanced protection from hail and severe weather
  • XL cabin door with coupé entrance
  • Aluminium frame windows
  • Service unit
  • All models up to 3.5 t


Interior advantages

  • Electric fold-down bed in new ergonomic design (lengthwise)
  • Fixed overhead cupboards in fold-down bed area
  • Choice of two furniture finishes
  • Headroom of 198 cm
  • LED lighting
  • Spacious seating area
Home environments
An example of Ixeo TL (Sahara Style)

Sublime living environments in Ixeo TL

“Wohnfühlen“ in just two easy steps. Create your own perfection! Select the upholstery finish that suits you best. There‘s a selection of several high-quality materials for seat and back upholstery. The back upholstery adds colour and can be selected depending on the category.

Porto Star

Faro Star

Malaga Star

Barcelona Star

Sahara Style



Ixeo TL 680 G

3,500 kg
2 Beds
699 cm x 230 cm
4 Seats

Ixeo TL 728 G

3,500 kg
4 Beds
749 cm x 230 cm
4 Seats

Ixeo TL 734

3,500 kg
4 Beds
749 cm x 230 cm
4 Seats