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Going to bed with one action

Step inside the Premio Plus and admire the optimum use of space combined with compact dimensions. The secret is the fold-down bed design which is unique to Bürstner caravans. It is the perfect package for families where the ideal scenario is to have a separate domain for everyone.


The three-room apartment with kitchen and bathroom. Lots of clever ideas and loading capacity have made this caravan a best-seller.

Exterior advantages

    • Modern chassis with stabiliser coupling
    • Automatic brake adjuster
    • GRP roof for enhanced protection from hail and severe weather
    • GRP floor with lightweight construction technology
    • Compact cabin length offering maximum amount of space
    • Rigid supports
    • Wheel arch insulation


    Interior advantages

    • Spacious fold-down bed above seating area
    • Sleeps up to seven people
    • Separate children's room
    • Five-zone memory foam mattresses
    • Slatted bases in all fixed beds
    • Winter backrests and ventilated storage
      cabinets for better airflow 
    • Headroom up to approx. 208 cm
    • Rear ventilation for better air circulation
    • 142 l Refrigerator volume
    • Smoke detector
    • Self-retracting kitchen drawers with soft-close function
    Home environments
    An example of the Premio Plus (Umbra/Milo)

    Sublime living environments in Premio Plus

    Create your own perfection! Select the upholstery finish that suits you best. There's a selection of several high-quality materials for seat and back upholstery. The back upholstery adds colour and can be selected depending on the category.

    Basco / Umbra

    Milo / Umbra

    Milo / Pastis

    Basco / Pastis



    Premio Plus 440 TK

    1,500 kg
    6 Beds
    682 cm x 232 cm

    Premio Plus 510 TK

    1,600 kg
    7 Beds
    757 cm x 232 cm