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More space to enjoy

Get more enjoyment from your holiday. The new Averso is bound to satisfy your every desire because this mid-range caravan will win you over at first sight with its elegant design and then go on to impress you with its generous package of standard fittings.


Genuine Bürstner credentials in the Averso include the modern bodywork technology with GRP roof and the latest safety features like the automatic adjustment brake. With 10 layout options in total, the Averso offers plenty of scope for design and bags of performance at an attractive price.

Exterior advantages

      • Modern safety-enhanced chassis with stabiliser coupling
      • Automatic adjustment brake
      • Hitch cover
      • Rigid supports
      • One-piece cabin door
      • GRP roof for enhanced protection from hail and severe weather
      • 38 l water tank


      Interior advantages

          • Two-tone furnishings
          • Winter backrests and ventilated
            storage cabinets for better airflow
          • Five-zone memory foam mattresses
                • Hot water supply
                • Headroom of 198 cm
                • Self-retracting kitchen drawers
                  with soft-close function

                Home environments
                An example of the Averso (Bianca / Etna)

                Sublime living environments in Averso

                Create your own perfection! Select the upholstery finish that suits you best. There's a selection of several high-quality materials for seat and back upholstery. The back upholstery adds colour and can be selected depending on the category.

                Alva / Stone

                Nero / Stone

                Etna / Stone

                Alva / Bianca

                Nero / Bianca

                Etna / Bianca



                Averso 490 TL

                1,500 kg
                4–4 Beds
                717 cm x 230 cm

                Averso 490 TS

                1,500 kg
                4–4 Beds
                717 cm x 230 cm

                Averso 510 TK

                1,500 kg
                5–5 Beds
                733 cm x 230 cm

                Averso 540 TL

                1,600 kg
                4–4 Beds
                773 cm x 230 cm

                Averso 570 TK

                1,700 kg
                6–6 Beds
                773 cm x 250 cm

                Averso 590 TS

                1,700 kg
                4–4 Beds
                825 cm x 250 cm

                Averso 600 TK

                1,800 kg
                6–6 Beds
                825 cm x 250 cm

                Averso 720 TK

                2,200 kg
                7–7 Beds
                947 cm x 250 cm