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More space to enjoy

Make more of your holidays with the new Averso. This re-designed mid-range caravan will win you over at first glance with its elegant design and comprehensive standard equipment.


This series features a total of nine basic floor plans and versatile design options for your personal well-being - and all that at an attractive price.

Exterior advantages

  • Modern safety suspension with anti-snaking hitch
  • Automatic brake adjustment
  • Stabilform corner steadies
  • One-piece access door
  • GRP roof for better protection from hail and bad weather


Interior advantages

  • New “Sierra Grey” furniture
  • Multi-zone memory foam mattresses
  • Kitchen drawers with self-closing and soft-close function
  • Adjustable seating
  • Elaborate upholstery stitching
Home environments
An example of the Averso (Verona Pure)

Sublime living environments in Averso

Create your own perfection! Select the upholstery finish that suits you best. There's a selection of several high-quality materials for seat and back upholstery. The back upholstery adds colour and can be selected depending on the category.

Genua Pure

Verona Pure

Catania Pure



Averso 485 TS New

1,500 kg
4 Beds
756 cm x 232 cm

Averso 490 TL New

1,500 kg
4 Beds
715 cm x 232 cm

Averso 490 TS New

1,500 kg
4 Beds
716 cm x 232 cm

Averso 520 TK New

1,600 kg
6 Beds
791 cm x 232 cm

Averso 535 TL New

1,600 kg
4 Beds
785 cm x 232 cm

Averso 540 TL New

1,700 kg
4 Beds
812 cm x 252 cm

Averso 560 TK New

1,600 kg
6 Beds
790 cm x 252 cm