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Bürstner, based in Baden and Alsace and with sites in Kehl and Wissembourg, has been able to further stabilise and consolidate its market position over the past twelve months.

Kehl. In the recently completed previous financial year, the European market has been able to consolidate and is now once again marked by solid growth. In Germany, for example, new registrations of caravans increased 8.5 per cent between September 2015 and May 2016. The situation for new registrations of motorhomes during this period is equally positive. They even recorded an increase of 19.8 per cent. In France too, the trend over twelve months showed an increase of 3.1 per cent for caravans, with new registrations of motorhomes increasing 15.1 per cent. This positive trend is of course also reflected in Bürstner production figures. This meant that original plans for the 2016 season were able to be surpassed. By the end of the season, around 8600 caravans and motorhomes will have been built and sold, around 70 per cent of these motorhomes. Original plans for the 2016 season were for around 7500 units. Annual sales by the end of August 2016 will thus amount to around €300 million. This represents considerable growth in comparison to sales from the previous year (€270 million). For the 2017 season, Bürstner aims to achieve a further significant increase with 9400 recreational vehicles sold.

The two plants currently employ 854 people, including a total of 14 trainees in the commercial department.

Company investments for the upcoming financial year will include a new roof for the production hall. There are also plans to convert all lighting within the company to LED. For this, around 9000 fluorescent lamps are being replaced, leading not only to noticeable savings on electricity but also making a significant contribution to environmental protection. Further important reasons for the planned refurbishment of some buildings are efficiency and environmental protection considerations. This will guarantee that the company, its production facilities and buildings will continue to be state-of-the-art in technological terms.

Bürstner motorhomes and caravans: Innovations with strategic potential

The model range for the 2017 season features pioneering innovations that pave the way for a new era in the strategy for models and series.


Lyseo Family: The first step in Bürstner’s new model concept – with the partially integrated Lyseo T, with the T 744 offering something totally new and excitingly different, and the Lyseo A with alcoves

City Car: Bürstner also knows a thing or two about panel vans – from one model to a complete series with a total of four versions

Edition 30: This attractive anniversary series is comprised of popular models from the Travel Van, Nexxo Time, Ixeo Time and Viseo series

Ixeo: The successful Ixeo with its lengthwise fold-down bed has received some additions in the form of the IT 640 floor plan

Elegance: The premium series from Bürstner has been substantially improved and has received some additions in the form of the Elegance I 910 G and I 920 G floor plans


Premio Family: The Premio Plus has been integrated into the Premio family – with a new interior design based on the Premio. The new Premio Plus 440 TK floor plan complements the portfolio

Averso Family: Bürstner is reinventing the Averso and now offers 11 floor plans in the mid-price segment, from the compact 490 TS caravan for two people to the 720 TK family home. The Averso Plus has also joined the Averso family and, after its facelift, has been extended to four floor plans . 

Bürstner introduces a new model strategy for the 2017 season. This includes not only the revision or extension of existing series, but also the development and implementation of some major innovations. 

Bürstner Lyseo: Moving towards a new generation of vehicles

Bürstner Lyseo T: Partially integrated travel companion for couples with and without kids

With its eight floor plans in a modular design, the partially integrated series Lyseo T is new in every respect. Six of these floor plans can optionally be ordered with the proven, electrically-operated fold-down bed. The uniform overall height of 295 cm, the attractive product graphics and its distinctive edge trim lend the Lyseo T its harmonic exterior design. The larger roof makes it significantly easier to install all options located on the roof. Window frame options, which lend the vehicle a sporty appearance, are also available. On the inside, the Lyseo T packs a few surprises with its enormous headroom of 205 cm and the resulting extraordinary sense of spaciousness. A functional double floor ensures single-level living area without tripping hazards, while at the same time protecting key installations and floor surfaces against the weather. This makes the Lyseo T the perfect companion, even in winter. The floor plans of the Lyseo T models are arranged so that the showers are no longer impaired by inconvenient wheel arches. This ensures the perfect showering experience with ample freedom of movement. The furniture design is harmonious and modern, with rounded hatch fronts, available in either ginger teak or santina finishes. The Bürstner Lyseo T models offer large kitchens with high-set 145-litre refrigerators, well-designed seating areas and free access from the kitchen to the bathroom and bedroom, all together providing an outstanding sense of spaciousness, thus offering almost “infinite comfort”. The queen-size bed floor plans offer even more storage space, without having to adjust the height of the bed. In addition, these floor plans are also available with height-adjustable queen-size beds, which then also have spacious garages. The gas tanks positioned next to one another in the specially provided cabinet are easy to access and never jut out into the garage, which is therefore larger, more convenient and also easier to load. One really special product in this series is the Lyseo T 744. A large drop-down bed in the rear that can be concealed beneath the roof liner at the press of a button is a real highlight. And the extended lounge invites you to linger in comfort. This model thus offers its owner a real three-room apartment with a dining room, a bedroom and a living room.

Top-value and useful package offers complete the Lyseo T. New to the catalogue are the light package, which ensures a comfortable and cosy atmosphere via indirect lighting; the kitchen package, which includes items such as highly practical and repairable worktops; and the sound package with high-end Bluetooth speakers and a USB port, which can be moved individually along the light rails. 

Bürstner Lyseo: A true all-rounder for families and rental:

Within the Lyseo family, the Lyseo T is also receiving a few additions with the new alcove Lyseo A, which is available in two floor plans.

After one year of lying low, Bürstner is now once again offering mid-range Alcove Motor Homes. This family-friendly vehicle category is also intended for lessors, who value the versatility of the alcove vehicles. Bürstner is kicking off with the Models A 660 G with bunk beds and A 700 G with a large double bed in the rear. Both floor plans are equipped with a spacious rear garage. They are optimised, four-to-six-person classics which impress with their cosy interiors in ginger teak. Even the standard version offers a fully equipped alcove mobile home. Examples of this include the extra-wide cabin door, which contributes to the general sense of well-being, and the refrigerator with its XL capacity of 142 litres. There is also the option to individually configure the vehicle furnishings. Particularly worth mentioning are the Isofix child safety seats and the new renter package, which means that the Lyseo A can be cheaply optimised for use as a rental vehicle.

The introduction of the Lyseo product family paves the way for further synergies, whether via the consistent colour and design language or the further standardisation of the basic models.

Bürstner City Car: The travel solution suitable for daily use

The Bürstner City Car comes of age. After the successful launch of the City Car C 600 in the 2016 season, the model has been expanded into a complete series with a total of four floor plans: two compact vehicles and two luxury vehicles. The existing luxury vehicleCity Car C 600 is now joined by the City Car C 602, a compact model with a total length of 599 cm and comfortable longitudinal bed, and the luxurious City Car C 640 with a total length of 636 cm, which is also equipped with a spacious longitudinal bed. Finally, the extremely compact City Car C 540, with a total length of 541cm and a transverse bed, is to follow in autumn. The exterior design of this series is characterised by its elegant and sporty visuals. This is achieved, amongst other things, by the premium frame windows and the attractive exterior graphic, making these vehicles real eye-catchers, both in standard and special paint finishes. In the City Car, the well-thought-out lighting design with moveable LED spots and the indirect ceiling lighting ensure a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. The fittings of the City Car hardly leave any desire unfulfilled. All floor plans include a highly functional bathroom unit witha fixed toilet instead of a Porta Potti, meaning that no compromises are required here. The luxury floor plans City Car C 600 and C 640 both feature two illuminated wardrobes – a totally unique feature. The kitchens offer space for refrigerators with capacities of 80 or 90 litres. Six large fully-extending draws with soft-close mechanisms ensure ample storage space and, as a result, a relaxed cooking experience. In the compact vehicles City Car C 602 and C 540, the bathrooms and kitchens are slightly smaller, but still offer enough room to feel infinitely at home. Large bed sizes are always provided. For example, the City Car C 540 has a bed length of 195 cm. Maximum storage space for all floor plans is achieved by folding up the separated slatted frames. Following the launch in 2016, Bürstner is now making the complete leap into the panel van segment.

Bürstner Edition 30: An anniversary series with countless option that can be adapted to every taste and requirement.

Bürstner has been successfully building motor homes for thirty years – a good reason to celebrate and to give Bürstner customers something in return for their trust in the brand! For this reason, Bürstner is calling the Edition 30 into life for the 2017 season to accompany this anniversary year. Various popular and successful models from proven Bürstner series will be offered as Edition 30. These are: Travel Van T 620 G; Nexxo Time T 569, T 660 and T 690 G; Ixeo Time IT 586, IT 590, IT 710 G and IT 726 G; Viseo I 690 G. All of these vehicles will appear with a consistent, distinctive exterior design which will make the models genuine eyecatchers. On the inside, the furniture is receiving a facelift in cosy ginger teak with light, high-gloss hatches (exception: Viseo is offered with Amarant furniture decor), which, together with the upholstery design schemes Rio Ferra and Rio Havanna, ensures a luxurious ambiance. To ensure that these models leave no desire unfulfilled and guarantee extremely attractive value for money, they also come completely furnished. For example, these furnishings include the Chassis package and the already successful Fiat interior package Other luxury features include the 16” alloy rims, LED daytime running lights, the extra-wide Hartal Premium XL door with a window and fly screen, the proven Remis cab blind system, an additional left-hand-side garage door, the high-performing Truma Combi 6 heater, a Pioneer multimedia system featuring a navigation system, sporty frame windows and a 4.0-metre marquee with LED lighting for cosy evenings. 

BÜRSTNER IXEO Innovations for the 2016 Season

The Ixeo was able to establish itself outstandingly in the motorhome market after just one season. The newly-developed longitudinal drop-down bed that can be concealed virtually invisibly in the roof lining when it is not in use and the new innovative floor plans have been a sweeping success all over Europe! This is impressively demonstrated by the awards received in the year of its launch, which were conferred either by specialist journalists or by interested customers. These include the European Innovation Award, the Camper of the Year title from the Dutch magazine KCK, the reader’s award from the Danish newspaper BT and the UK’s National Motorhome Awards. A new series can hardly expect a better and more successful introduction. This has naturally encouraged the Bürstner company to build on these successes. In specific terms, this means the addition of an additional floor plan for the Ixeo series to cater to customer needs better. The new addition goes by the name of Ixeo IT 640 and dazzles with its compact exterior measurements of just 6.49 metres. It features the proven longitudinal drop-down bed, ensuring that hopping in to get some shut-eye is a comfortable experience. The shower and bathroom are intelligently integrated into the rear and the kitchen is located in the centre. The storage compartment in the rear extends from the floor to the ceiling and makes it possible to travel with larger items. Despite the very compact exterior measurements, the living area of the Ixeo IT 640 leaves nothing to be desired – a real improvement for the series.

Bürstner Elegance: The luxurious premium series

The market launch of Elegance in the previous season was slightly delayed owing to the sheer number of innovations. It is now firmly established in the world of upper mid-rangeleisure vehicles. To offer a comprehensive product range, the portfolio has been extended with the Elegance I 910 G and I 920 G floor plans. Except for the beds, both models are identical. While the I 910 G has two single beds, the I 920 G has a comfortable and easily accessible queen-size bed above the rear garage. In addition, the series has undergone a few product optimisations for the new season. These include shifting the gas compartment from the rear garage to the passenger side in the front. This makes the garage into a complete unit, making it even more useful. The bathrooms are more easily accessible in the twin axle motorhomes. In addition, the drop-down beds have received integrated lighting and a new look on the underside, improving the overall impression.

Consistencyand customer-friendly solutions - Two pillars of thecustomer-friendly product portfolio:

The product series Brevio, Travel Van, Nexxo, Aviano and Argos are heading into the 2017 season largely unchanged. The following floor plans are being discontinued:

Brevio: T 640 and T 645 are being discontinued

Travel Van: T 620 G – this floor plan will be added to the “Edition 30”

Nexxo: T 660 and T 745 are being discontinued

Bürstner caravans: Two new product families come recommended

Bürstner caravans are carrying on along their successful path, not least due to substantial market demand. For this reason, there are also a few important changes on the cards for the new season here.

Introduced in 2016, the Premio will be available as before with no changes. However, it is influencing the new appearance of the Premio Plus, now integrated into the Premio family. Here, the Premio Plus is getting the same furniture design as the Premio. This design is already widely accepted by end consumers. In response to repeated customer requests, Bürstner will also offer the proven 440 TK option with bunk beds in the Premio Plus. This meaning that this series will now satisfy the desire for a compact family caravan, too.

Finally! After one year of lying low, the newAverso is celebrating its début. It is intended to invigorate the mid-range price segment The exterior and interior appearance have both been completely modernised with a sporty Bürstner design. The modern yet elegantly arranged furniture have light, rounded hatches with a sanded effect, fitting perfectly into the light wooden finish. With a choice of upholstery, there is hardly any desire that goes unfulfilled in terms of individual taste. The new Averso is available in a total of 11 different floor plans. The 490 TS and 490 TL, for example, will appeal to caravan fans who love to travel and who don’t want to compromise on space and comfort and yet still want to remain mobile. In contrast, the still outstandingly drivable 720 TK delivers a real family home for families with many children. The Averso thus meets a wide range of needs. The standard equipment is extremely sophisticated and include the proven AL-LO chassis, a drawbar cover, an anti-roll mechanism, rigid supports, a water tank with a capacity of 38 litres and a Truma Therme water heater. There is also a range of practical, great-value optional equipment packages for the Averso models.

The Averso’s standardised, harmonious interior design can also be found in the Averso Plus and has been taken even further, meaning that the family resemblance of the two series can be seen straight away. In addition, the Averso Plus is getting two interesting new optional floor plans, which optimally complements the series. The first is the Averso Plus 500 TS with the typical drop-down bed above the front seating area and a fixed double bed at the rear. With its single beds, the 520 TL offers the option of sleeping separately or, using the roll-up bed base, of creating a huge, cosy lounging area. The drop-down bed is ideal for children, grandchildren or visitors. These options have met a whole host of repeatedly expressed customer requests and serve the market in a customer-oriented way.

The third series in the Averso family is the Averso Top, which rounds off the Bürstner portfolio and represents the upper end of the mid-range segment. Introduced in 2016, this series has already proven itself in the past twelve months and has been carried over into the 2017 season without changes. Only the floor plans 430 TS, 450 TS and 460 TS are being discontinued.