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The Argos Alcove model by Bürstner will win you over with its ideal use of space, generous storage and sophisticated equipment. Thanks to the new furniture design and lighter PVC floor, this jumbo among motorhomes is now even more contemporary.

Kehl (26/6/2017): Space, more space, alcoves - these motorhomes with sleeping alcove above the cab are true miracles of space. This applies to the Argos by Bürstner, in particular. Thanks to fold-down alcoves as standard, an unrivalled sense of space is created. Storage space is a luxury and therefore an integral part of the Argos. Especially in the heated and insulated double floor, there is a lot of space for luggage, even in temperatures below zero.

In addition to hot water heating as standard, the perfectly finished edges made of genuine wood also lend a hint of luxury, giving the interior the final touch. Furthermore, the spacious gourmet kitchen with oven and extractor hood leaves nothing to be desired. The same applies to the comfortable en suite in which the toilet area can be separated from the shower into its own room.  

This jumbo in the Bürstner portfolio really deserved an upgrade. From the 2018 model year, it will be available with a new furniture design in combination with light flooring, looking fresher and more modern.

Further advantages of this family-friendly motorhome, which can easily accommodate six people, are the high levels of safety and that it’s good value for money with comprehensive equipment as standard.

The low-frame chassis with tandem axle at the rear guarantees a high level of driving stability, even at a length of almost nine metres, and therefore safe driving. Buzzword - overview: Thanks to the reversing camera, the driver will keep the overview when reversing. Other safety features in the Bürstner Argos are the robust GRP roof, aluminium framed windows as standard, the premium door that can be locked in two ways and the six seats with seat belts.