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Our philosophy

When you live your dream during the day, you need to get a good night's sleep to be ready for the next one. That is why Bürstner offers seven different bed designs. All of them offer different advantages, but they have one thing in common: they are all utterly comfortable and provide the optimum comfort you need for restful sleep.

  • Single beds

    The right choice if you don't want to share your sleeping space with anyone. If you do sometimes fancy sleeping in a generously-sized double bed, rather than two single beds, you can easily create it with the aid of optionally available additional, tailor-made cushions – almost in your sleep! 

  • Queen size bed

    The queen size bed is easily accessible from both sides and comes with a shelf on either side.

  • French bed (left or right)

    Still a classic: French beds with a mattress that is slightly tapered on one side.

  • Transverse bed

    Fixed across the end, it offers a generously-sized sleeping area measuring almost 200 x 150cm.

  • Bunk bed

    Particularly popular with caravan fans – and with children, for which these beds are available either lengthways or transverse.

  • Drop-down bed

    The unique drop-down bed in the Elegance and the Eliseo 644 offers additional berths above the lounge. It can be operated effortlessly without having to convert the lounge.

  • Pop-top roof

    A pop-top roof creates a generously-sized sleeping area on top of compact vehicles. Enjoy a real camping feel – a bit closer to heaven.


The drop-down bed

With the drop-down bed, we have come up with a really clever solution: A bed that simply disappears upwards during the day and therefore saves plenty of space. After all, making optimum use of limited space is the be all and end all when it comes to caravan and motorhome construction. Since its launch in the Ixeo model range, many other manufacturers have copied us.


  • New

    Innovative additional bed for children

    With the brand-new Bürstner development of an additional bed for children, you can immediately create an extra berth in the cab. An integrated slatted base promises perfect sleeping comfort.
  • Multi-zone slatted base single bed

    Besides the perfect mattress, a properly sprung base is also important for restful sleep. Our slatted bases consist of glass-fibre reinforced plastic slats that perfectly cushion your body's movements and support your back in any position.
  • Fitted sheet for queen size bed

    As they are tailor-made, the Bürstner fitted sheets always fit our beds perfectly. The 100% cotton jersey fabric feels beautifully soft and comfortable on your skin. Available in the colours Wool White or Truffle, and machine washable at 30°C. Availability model-dependent.
  • Vario blinds and cassette blinds

    With our original Vario blinds, you decide yourself how much light you let in to comfortably drop off to sleep and wake up. A double-function cassette blind offers privacy and shade and creates a cosy habitation atmosphere.
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