Bürstner safety

#wohnfühlen with a warranty

"Our comprehensive warranty cover is just as outstanding and high-quality as Bürstner's vehicles. If you have questions whilst travelling, a Bürstner dealer and service partner is always close by throughout Europe."
Jens Kromer
General manager, Bürstner

Our safety features

Third brake light

The third brake light adds more safety and is also a particularly distinctive feature, thanks to the unobtrusive but still striking integrated Bürstner logo.

Fifth seat equipped with seat belt

Effortlessly create an additional seat for a further passenger (image shown for illustrative purposes only, model- and layout-dependent, optional).

Wide track rear axle

The wheel arches on a Fiat and a Citroën are wider apart than usual, which increases the driving stability as well as the space available on the inside.

Premium XL door

The extra-wide Premium XL habitation door offers added security as well added safety. More security due to the double lock, more safety due to the extra-wide design – which makes it easier to get in and out. Already a standard feature in many models.


  • Reliability

    Modern engine technology

    The engines in Bürstner's vehicles transmit their output via various powertrain types. Whether manual or automatic, all of them have been adapted to the special requirements of safe travel.
  • Safety

    Toptron CPU (Crash Protection Unit)

    In the event of a crash or if the vehicle tilts dangerously, the optionally available Toptron CPU cuts off the gas supply. Gas-fuelled appliances can therefore also be operated when the vehicle is moving (a standard feature in some vehicles).
  • Safety

    Electronic control systems

    Three control systems for increased safety: The ABS (anti-lock braking system) prevents the wheels from locking up during an emergency stop. The TCS (traction control system) prevents the wheels from spinning when the vehicle starts to move, and the ESC (electronic stability control) system prevents any potential over- or understeering.
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Warranties/ ISO standard

Each Bürstner is covered by a comprehensive two-year warranty. For vehicles from the model year 2019 onwards, the water ingress warranty even applies for ten years, provided the vehicle is serviced annually (there is a charge for this). Bürstner's development, manufacturing and sales departments are international standard ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Configure your Bürstner

Configure your Bürstner according to your requirements. Make your dream of owning a motorhome come true – configured to your requirements.