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The Averso Plus, Bürstner’s popular caravan, is getting an extensive facelift for the start of the new season. This includes a redesigned rear and new furniture design in line with the Averso model series.

Bürstner presents its Averso Plus caravan with a fresh design

Kehl. The manufacturer has also adopted the outfitting features of the Averso for the Averso Plus. The rear now features a new hybrid tail light as a series standard. The interior has also been adapted to the existing Averso model series, whereby the interior design and upholstery colors have been adopted. Now the Averso package also applies to the Averso Plus.

All three Averso Plus floor plans (500 TS, 510 TK, 520 TL) are equipped with a large lifting bed above the rear seating area, providing room for up to seven people thanks to this smart, family-friendly design. The floor plans can be used across generations making the Averso Plus a true family wagon.

Among other things, the already extensive series outfitting has been enhanced with additional useful outfitting features. As of the 2021 model year, it is possible to get the 2,000 kg axle for all three floor plans. In addition, Bürstner is offering new 17-inch aluminum rims for the Averso Plus series.

The Averso Plus, freshly redesigned by Bürstner, thereby has all the winning arguments. With this caravan, vacation fun is guaranteed for the whole family.

All technical information about the Averso Plus model series can be found in the technical data for the 2021 model year.